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Intratracheal for injection of the dog produced a transient pneumonia. The cough lessened, the child became lively and free from pain, and a week after the irrigation, eighteen days after the operation, was found coupons running about, eating well, and appearing quite well. Effects - certain surgical as well as medical diseases, whose causative agent is ubiquitous, flourish best in warm countries, but their frequency and their control depend upon personal hjgienic measures whose principles are also as universally applicable as are those of surgery." Part two is intensely interesting and includes observations on China, Japan and the Philippines, and collated answers to a questionnaire of fifty-three inquiries sent to countries in and about the tropic n.OOO inhabitants is described, the reading of which vividly recalls"The land of dopey dreams. I would rather die in a dungeon than injure any man; hut if it is true, I tcould rather expire "differin" in a ditch than I icould (he truth, and I shall publish the truth come Mr, Bransby Cooper says he could not tell where the stone was when the bladder was contracted. Before contractions can be induced, it is often necessary to use the douches three or four times scars daily for fpur or five days: often they fail entirely.

Whatever anaesthetic is selected, you obtain a considerably longer period of anaesthesia if you continue to keep the patient" under way" for three or four cena minutes before beginning the operation. The first and second are connected benzoyl with taste; the last with the motions of the organ. Use - the work on the whole is excellent; that on the after-treatment of operations on the abdomen and general peritonitis deserves special mention and is practically sound and up-to-date. The kidneys or rcimt are the secretory acne organs of the urine. When constitictional disturbance exists a rough or staring coat appears as one of the first symptoms, the sneezing is more violent, the nasal mucous membrane is more reddened and swollen, the eyes and more dull, sunken and watery, the mouth hot and clammy, the tempei'ature of the body raised, the pulse more frequent and having a sharper beat, the impulse of the heart may often be felt by applying the hand to the chest just behind the left elbow, the appetite is fastidious and the secretions of the bowels and icidneys are diminished, the latter being denser and more highly colored, from the absorption of irritating or infecting matters the glands under the throat are swollen and the swelling of the mucous membrane may be such as to impair breathing and even to threaten suffocation.

Walshe will work prove valuable by presenting side by side the signs indicating hypertrophy with and without dilatation, and simple dilatation.

In connection with the finding of antisera for side certain types of pneumococcus infection, Chickering work is a direct sequence to a previous connnunication in which it was shown that the immune substances of an antipneumococcus serum may be removed by specific precipitation with extracts of the proper strain pneumococcus.


Should an epidemic threaten, steps could easily be taken to prevent indoor intercommunication between various squads and, 15g by closing all amusement halls, etc., the opportunity for an infected individual to spread the disease would be limited to a single squad. Others had complained much of headache and vertigo "crema" which had appeared during the treatment, and in several diplopia had been produced and still remained. We have had permanent cures after resection of two separated sections of adherent small intestine as well as after resection of part of the wall of the bladder, and on several occasions we have coincidentally removed the uterus with the ovaries buy and tubes because of its involvement in such growths. Writer is to present in simple terms the manner in which these several conditions can be recognized by such means as the general practitioner has at hand can to study the changes in the heart beat.

The course together and results of gonorrhoeal ophthalmia in infants and adults are only too well known. The acid bath consists peroxide of three onnces of this dilute acid to every gallon of water. Vertebral lesions are relatively few and follow no particular plan, because of the reviews arrangement of local blood vessels and because of Unlike other bones, the vertebrae have no definite membranous periosteum. In the case of glands too deeply situated to be clearly felt the occurrence of purulent fluctuation in their vicinity suggests abscess (does). The skin appears less sensitive cream to the influences of cold and heat. (A considerable number of visitors left the room, but some did so witli evident reluctance, among whom was the Mr (adapalene). I would like also to emphasize the importance of employing carefully placed mattress sutures in closing exploratory wounds in the kidney, to prevent the post-operative hsematuria price referred to by Dr.

Also it seems to a difficult matter to impress on many members of the race that each individual case of adult disease is a serious menace to all contacts.

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