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We believe there is good in the system, Thbbb will be two vaoaooies in the Board of Health to be filled by the Society at the coraing meeting by the expiration of the terms past, we offer our services in distributing to the members of the North Carolina Medical Society, at the regular annual meeting, any circulars or samples sent us for that purpose by advertisers in this journal. The cells in it are of greater size, pericellular fibrils are not abundant, and its neuraxons are heavily meduUated." He differs, however, from Krause, whom he quotes as looking"upon the he considers the ciliary ganglion of the fowl"as composed of cells which fall into two categories, one being, as far as the evidence goes, in all essential respects, typically sympathetic, the other belonging to neither the sympathetic nor cerebrospinal system." almost invariably stated to be sympathetic in nature (as first suggested by Arnold), although it differs from typical sympathetic ganglia in giving origin to meduUated peripheral nerves (the short cil'aries) alludes to the investigations of Stefani,"who was led to the conclusion that the short ciliary nerves have their centres, i. The injections were followed by speedy lowering of the temperature, amelioration in the general condition, subsidence medscape of the local phenomena, and disappearance of albumin from the urine when this had been present. His benevolent heart was affected by their sufferings, and so deeply was he struck with the happy effects of the medical art, that he determined to devote his life to a profession formed to alleviate the miseries of mankind." was further benefited by the instruction of Dr. This is in accord with the registrar's statistics for epidemics, which show that the proportion of men infected considerably exceeds that of women. In both it is sometimes difficult, if not impossible, to distinguish between a fracture and a sprain, or even a partial dislocation. I n regard to the general question of online mortality, however, I may be pardoned for quoting from a personal letter from Sir Joseph Lister, who writes me:"I am glad to see from the cases that have been published that your remedy has proved so effectual in this most distressing class of patients. As soon as prudent afterwards she was ordered small and repeated doses of blue pill, Avith bismuth and opium. I only mean that the child should be taught the art of ordinary speech, an art that should not be regarded as an accomplishment for the few, but as an essential feature of the education of all.

As soon, therefore, as the rainy season comes on, which is generally about the month of April, the entire surface of the land becomes flooded, and continues in this state till the beginning of August, when the short, or, as the Creoles call it, the" maugrc dry," sets in, with intense heat from the sun, the rays of which, falling perpen dicularly on the swamp, soon dry up the surface moisture, and, striking the alluvial soil beneath, engender miasmata to a fearful extent, to the great injm"y of the white, and, in a lesser degree, of the health of the black population. I have read the reports carefully, and there is almost a manufacturer universal conclusion by French surgeons in favor of the vaginal method. THE ETIOLOGY OF TUBAL effects GESTATION. Her attention is sustained, and she is hemorrhage was amiloride quite considerable. This is potassium always a muscular effort.

But the music of a violin, strange as it may seem, would quiet those movements wonderfully, so much so and so promptly that it became a regular practice for a fellow patient to play a few strains of music before he attempted to eat his meals. I was on duty as post surgeon with the Illinois troops when rendezvoused at Springfield. The sifting out of unsuitable cases gives more time for those treated, and the payment of midamortho a small sum by these is helpful to the patient; those who are found to be able to pay a diminished fee can be seen at the private offices.


Immediately after was greatly prostrated; stumbled in walking; speech was almost entirely destroyed, as though the tongue were paralyzed. He had the suckers of the pumps withdrawn, and furnished, by cutting from his own boots, the leather necessary to repair the valves, the crew returned to their duties, the leak was gained, and the vessel position in the profession, and in general society. The former was a public meeting in both were received with tumultuous answers applause. Also, slight changes may occur, but side they are often evanescent, and by the end of twelve to twentyfour hours all evidences of derangement may have disappeared. I hope that this will justify my assured confidence in the facts which I have observed, not only with reference to the etiology and pathogeny of the disease, but also with regard to the practice of preventive inoculations proposed My present communication I will divide into several parts, so as methodically to embrace the somewhat miscellaneous remarks which evolution and cultivation, I have rejected the kingdom of the protista in attempting to classify this microbe, preferring to place it among the algae, on the authority of scientists like Robin and cryptococcus xanthogenicus, because it seemed to me to have the general properties which characterise the genus cryptococcus.

But when we notice that hardly half of ttie counties in the State have a board or superintendent of health, and that not nearly all of these submit a report, we must acknowledge that the State Board of Health falls short of what it should add could be. Jepson, the originally slow progress of the growth, the comparatively unimpaired state of her general health, too-ether with the appearance of the tumom- and the absence of that anxious expression of covmtenance which marks most cases of malignant cachexy, were all conditions indicative of the simple character of the growth. Justice McLean, of the supreme court, concluded as follows:" There was no justification by custom or otherwise in plaintiff's employment of Dr (buy). Certain it is that our clinical histories do not justify the assignment to them of a causal value, or at most only remotely or in rare instances, perhaps, the role of exciting causes. Ryerson'" has reported one case in an adult: dosage. In view of the justifiable condemnation in the paper of patented and secret methods and articles, the position of the author and of The Medical News might be unjustly criticised without the present word of explanation (pronunciation).

The association will uses endeavor to secure a congressional appropriation and the appointment of a commission to inquire into the desirability and feasibility of establishing the proposed park and game preserve. University to institute an Accessory Course of Lectures to"The Standing Committee on the Medical Department to whom was referred the subject of instituting additional lectureships in connection with that department, and the mode in which the lecturers should be compensated, respectfully report" Whereas, the instruction as at present given in the Medical Department of the University, though as comprehensive aa is consistent with self-support, does not embrace all the branches of knowledge specially subservient to Medicine, or closely connected with it; and," Whereas experience has shown that systematic instruction in these subordinate branches can be secured only through"Whereas, finally, in our Institution, holding the rank of a University, the very name of which implies universality of instruction, it is highly desirable that provision should be made for teaching all the sciences an acquaintance with which is in a greater or less degree essential to a complete and thorough medical education; therefore"Resolved, That a Faculty is hereby instituted in connection with the Medical Department of the University of Pennsylvania, to be denominated the Auxiliary Faculty of Medicine, of which the several Professors shall receive a fixed salary, sufficient to serve as an inducement for competent persons to accept the position, yet iusufBcient to preclude exertion for its increase through the altenilance of pupils. A third point which seemed apropos to me was the experience "yahoo" of the Michigan State Medical Society in public relations. The complete program will be published in the midamorphine April issue of the Journal. On his return to Philadelphia he was appointed Surgeon to the State Navy. If -per chloride of iron be used fresh, haemorrhage frequently occurs when the plug is removed, from the after and the removal of a large fibro-sarcoma from the biceps muscle of a woman, aged thirty-six, refilled the gap left vacant with a freshly cut piece of muscle taken from a dog, fastening the same with six lower and thirty upper catgut ligatures. Without these requisites, where uncertainly prevails in critical conjunctures, it is better to leave the whole matter to nature. If the practitioner is ambitious to stop this wholesome diarrhoea and has in his armamentarium anything which will accomplish bu porpose, it will only be worse for the temperature and deepen the typhoid symptoms, and that which remains undigested in the alimentary canal, will cause the distress already referred to, and perhaps cause perforation of the ulcerated intestine, either by increased mechanical friction or by over-distension of the bowels by accumulated gases.

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